Know Your Guardians

Know Your Guardians is a special web series which we are developing to bring out the guardians who are there for the people and by the people, yet over time have been distanced from the people because of misconceptions, disconnects and miscommunication.

As part of our initiative to spread awareness of the specific and general rights that we have but are often overlooked, Lex Do It runs a campaign called ‘Know Your Guardians’. While the general perception regarding the authorities amongst the people is that it is a system riddled with corruption and inefficiency, the majority of our institutions work very hard to ensure that your rights remain intact. Know Your Guardians shows you the other side of the coin when it comes to protection of rights and law enforcement by authorities such as the police, the judiciary, the human rights commissions, legal service authorities and the various commissions set up to protect marginalized or under-represented groups.

We aim to break the wall between Guardians and People, because the Guardians are there for the people!

Know Your Guardians will comprise of:

  • Documentaries of various Governmental Agencies
  • Handbooks on duties of Governmental Agencies
  • Articles on Governmental Agencies & how they’re making a difference