Lex Guardians

Lex Guardians is our Campus & Corporate Ambassador program which aims at having a guardian at all educations and professional setups across Delhi NCR, this Guardian will be a Lex Do It trained & certified individual who will carry forward the message of basic rights, duties as well as remedies to a larger audience in their setup.

Are you someone who is passionate about helping others and working to create a more fair, open and transparent society? At Lex Do It we believe in contributing not only time and effort but also the intellect that many of us harbor but rarely get to apply in a real world situation. LexGuardians is a platform that brings together students and volunteers from all across the country to unite them and pooling all of our intellects and efforts to create a true and visible change in society by increasing government transparency and efficiency. Such a task is only possible when we spread awareness about people’s rights and duties simultaneously and effectively.

By this program we aim to cover the urban audience who is office, college and school going yet not fully aware of their rights as citizen.