Gautama Buddha rightly stated that if you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path. It is true that all men are born equal but it is equally true that not all men are raised as equals. We seek to inspire a change in the lives of people, thereby inspiring a change in society as a whole.

The best way to ensure justice is to legally empower people to demand it. Legal empowerment equips us and helps us understand our rights, secure enforcement of those rights and pursue remedies when these rights are violated. ​At Lex Do It we work to help those who need it the most. We work for the legal empowerment of the vulnerable and the marginalized such as women and children who lead oppressed and unjust lives, persons with disabilities who are unable to get access to even the most basic facilities due to the prevalence of ignorance and neglect and socially and economically backward groups who are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty.

We believe in Justice through Legal Empowerment and to achieve it we work on:

Legal Awareness

Legal awareness and legal literacy lie at the base of any efforts toward legal empowerment. Critical knowledge of legal provisions and processes coupled with the skills to use this knowledge to realize rights and entitlements will empower people to demand justice and will create accountability and effective remedies at all levels. ​Lex Do It produces a wide range of legal awareness literature, conducts legal awareness workshops for activists and the community and also trains state functionaries on legal provisions and procedure among other areas of activism.

Legal Assistance

While legal awareness is the natural starting point for legal empowerment – there comes a stage where knowledge needs application. This is especially so for marginalized sections whose protracted vulnerability makes access to justice particularly difficult. Legal assistance can range from providing basic legal advice and counseling to representation in courts through litigation. ​Lex Do It provides legal counseling and assistance through its network of lawyers and community justice workers in various parts of the country. We believe in Pro-Bono activism and strongly adhere to the code of ethics of the legal profession.

Building Legal Capacity For Good Governance

There is a strong positive correlation between effective Governance and Justice and Legal empowerment through legal capacity building is the key to building better governance. When people are empowered to engage effectively with the state machinery and mechanisms they are in a better position to secure their rights and pursue their interests. Legal capacity building of the poor and marginalized will empower them to protect their rights, pursue their own interests and demand accountability and responsiveness from government agencies and public institutions. Lex Do It works towards building the legal capacity of communities and organizations so they can act as catalysts for improved governance in their respective areas.

Policy Development

Laws are what govern the functioning of the state machinery and Justice requires just laws to begin with. Statutory laws must comply with the recognized standards of human rights law and what is equally important is to implement safeguards and measures to ensure that the laws are not abused by the authorities. Effective safeguards must be available to prevent discrimination and to uphold fundamental freedoms and equalities. This is true not only for new or proposed statutes, rules and policies, but also for the existing ones. ​Lex Do It engages with policy makers and provides inputs for new legislations as well as assessing existing laws.

Psychological Assistance

Lex Do It ​aims to reduce the distress within society and improve on the psychological well being of people of all groups. We aim to create awareness of the various types of psychological conditions which can affect any person in today’s age and seek to provide rehabilitation to those who suffer the most due to a lack of knowledge and assistance. Our psychologists work towards prevention, safety, remedy and betterment of the overall mental health of people. We counsel individuals and groups with problems ranging from stress, depression, anxiety, family and domestic pressures to eating disorders, learning disabilities, mental illnesses as well as substance abuse.

We assess a patient’s needs, abilities and behaviours through various methods such as interviews, cognitive behaviour therapy, case studies and direct observation of behavioural patterns. We also work on collaborating with subjects to formulate appropriate treatment plans such as counseling and the appropriate therapy.