LexWiki is a self-help portal developed by Lex Do It for the common man who has access to internet to learn, explore and be aware of his rights and duties.

What good is any information if it isn’t organized in a meaningful and easy to access way? Lex Do It presents LexWiki – the online encyclopedia which is the only stop you need to make to understand the extent of your rights as well as answering all the legal questions you may need answered. Have you ever wondered what you should do when you get arrested? Or if your landlord is trying to evict you by harassment? LexWiki features several self help videos and detailed instructions where we explain your rights to you in the simplest of ways and make you a more independent and aware citizen.

LexWiki is a mix of literature, guides, videos, banners and other easy to understand materials made for the digital audience in order to make them aware of their rights and help them work towards protecting their rights.